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Predator Roll Call

The First Predators

6th January, 2010
Name Fate Codename Status
Lucy Ford Phase 3/Activated Piranha Recovered
Leo Shepherd Phase 3/Activated Wolf

The First Predator Intake

12th September, 2010
Name Fate Codename Status
Willow Hartman Phase 3/Activated Rampart Recovered
Christina Abbott Phase 3/Not Activated Venom Recovered
Sky Abbott Phase 3/Not Activated Bane Recovered
Robert Evans Apprentice/Executed - NONE - Dead
Trina Carroll Apprentice/Executed - NONE - Dead
Carrie Milligan Phase 3/Not Activated Phosphor Recovered
Teresa Palmore Apprentice/Terminated - NONE - Dead
Emily Washington
Kate Fincham Phase 3/Not Activated Recovered
Keira Langlands Phase 3 Orion
Connor Helbig
Anthony Simpson
Max McGee
Joe Stokes
Toby Lambert
Jay Hilton Phase 3/Not Activated Recovered
Mark Miranda
Christopher Parkes

The Second Predator Intake

31st March, 2011
Name Fate Codename Status
Saoirse Doherty Phase 3/Activated Foxtail Recovered
Sarah Hampton Phase 3/Activated Discord Recovered
Rachel Ascot Phase 3/Not Activated Ember Recovered
Kara Newton Phase 2/Deceased/Psyche - None - Dead
Guinevere Murdoch Phase 3/Activated Lilith Located
Dakota Warlow-Davies Phase 3/Activated Arbiter Recovered
Laura Lewis Dead/Marauder
Cynthia Schuler Phase 3/Deceased/Psyche Dead
Ava Carmody Phase 3 Jack-Knife T
Joe Wilson
Elijah Begg Phase 3 Avalanche T
Jay Lafrenière Phase 3/Deceased/Fury Dead
Nicholas Hyde Phase 3/Activated Trauma Located
Joel Burnell Phase 3/Not Activated Recovered
Koby Morrow y Phase 3 Vulcan T
James Todd y Phase 3/Not Activated Paradox Recovered
Edward Kelley y
Dylan Page y Phase 3/Not Activated Coyote Recovered

The Third Predator Intake

8th August, 2011
Name Fate Codename Status
Marc Ryan Phase 3/Activated Tempest Recovered
Kai Wynter Phase 2/Abandoned Located
Christian Lajeunesse T
Yves Chalifour T
Lucas Charlton Phase 2 Recovered/Deceased
Ewan Campbell Phase 2 Recovered
Charlie Stonehaven T
Kieran Brennan Phase 3/Activated Indomitor Recovered
Timothy McNab Phase 2 Recovered
Clara Rummel Dead/Marauder
Lily O'Brien Phase 3/Activated Styx Recovered
Maya Cheeke Dead/Marauder
Deborah Nillingsley Phase 3/Activated
Eva Horton Phase 3 Nox Recovered
Natalie Parent Phase 3/Not Activated Recovered
Ariana McKenna N
Freya Grace Thompson N
Barnabus Jackson N

Intermediate Predator Intake

15th October, 2011
Name Fate Codename Status
Craig Montgomery Phase 3/Incomplete Stripe Recovered
Jordan Hanley Phase 3/Incomplete Viridian Recovered

Intermediate Predator Intake

2nd November, 2011
Name Fate Codename Status
Shannon Millar (delayed entry) Phase 3/Activated Stormtide Recovered

Intermediate Predator Intake

23rd November, 2011
Name Fate Codename Status
Hunter Graves Phase 2 - None - Recovered
30th November, 2011
Name Fate Codename Status
William Martyn Yellow - None - Recovered
Kendra Rhys Yellow - None - Recovered

The Fourth Predator Intake

25th February, 2012
Name Fate Codename Status
Charlotte Grey Phase 2 - None - Recovered
Jake Wistrum Phase 2 - None - Recovered
Jesse Dolan Phase 2 - None - Recovered
Laurel Booth Phase 3 T
Marie Turner Phase 2 - None - Recovered

The Fifth Predator Intake

28th January, 2013
Name Fate Codename Status
Aiden Maxwell Phase 2 - None - Recovered

Intermediate Predator Intake

12th October, 2013
Name Fate Codename Status
Stephanie Walker Phase 2 Psyche Recovered
Jamie Carter Phase 1 (Rage) Recovered

The Sixth Predator Intake

19th November, 2013
Name Fate Codename Status
Abigail Wilde Phase 2 (Fury) Recovered
Yvette Dubois Phase 2 Recovered
Jasmine Summers Phase 2
Maxine Bell Phase 2
Ruth Anders Phase 2 Recovered

The Seventh Predator Intake

28th March, 2014
Name Fate Codename Status
Electra Harmon Phase 1 Recovered
Lin Lau Phase 2 Recovered
Xiāngxìn Lau Phase 1 Recovered
Rylee Clarkson Phase 2 T
Simon Starling Phase 2 T
Tanya Swift Phase 2 T
Turner Grace Phase 2 T
Owen Brahms Phase 2 T

Intermediate Predator Intake

16th August, 2014
Name Fate Codename Status
Hudson Vaughan Phase 1
Sawyer Grant Yellow

The Eighth Predator Intake

8th March, 2015
Name Fate Codename Status
Naomi Ward Phase 2 Recovered
Harper Sharp Phase 2 Recovered

Subsequent Predators

4th March, 2016
Name Fate Codename Status
Kaitlin Ward Phase 1 Recovered