Guinevere Murdoch

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Guinevere Murdoch
Guinevere Murdoch
Known Aliases
Guinevere Jones
Creatures of the Night
Personal Details
Gender Female
Nationality British

Birth Forsaken: 28th March 2001
Age Now 19 years, 2 days
Father Graeme Jones (deceased)
Mother Mollie-Ann Jones (deceased)
Cousin Juno Saunders
Physical Appearance
Complexion Caucasian
Build Above Average height, average build
Hair Long, red
Eyes Blue
Further Information
Likeness Bonnie Wright
Home 1. 10353 San Diego Mission Rd, San Diego, CA 92108



From Creatures of the Night Chapter 7
Twin Glock 19 Gen4 in 9-millimetre
Twin 14-inch carbonfibre batons
8-inch combat knife

Combat Suit

From Creatures of the Night Chapter 7

When Lilith reappeared from the changing room, Juno was very impressed with the result. The suit was a deep red, covering her body from head to toe. Only her lower jaw was visible. Accentuating her still-developing feminine curves were flashes of fire. A pair of flashes curved out from under her arms and under each of her breasts. Another pair ran from her collar bones, over her shoulders and down to just above her elbows. More flashes of fire ran from her crotch over her thighs and down to her knees. She wore knee-length boots with medium heels. Gauntlets covered her hands and lower arms, blending into the suit below the elbows. The mask bore devil-like ears which extended back from her mask. Around her waist, she wore a utility belt, in the same colour as her suit, which carried a pair of Glock 19 Gen4 pistols in holsters on either hip. On her left thigh, a pair of fourteen-inch, carbon-fibre batons were secured in place. Those batons had the flexibility to be used in several different arrangements. An eight-inch combat knife was strapped to her right calf. Included on her utility belt was an encrypted communications unit which was connected to an earpiece and microphone in her mask. To finish off the combat suit, the eyes of the mask were able to glow, anywhere from a dull orange to a blazing, fiery orange.



From Creatures of the Night Chapter 7
Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin DCT (2016) in a deep red with flashes of fire on frame
Lilith Plate.png


From Fusion: Los Angeles Chapter 13
Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade (2017) in a deep red with flashes of fire on frame
Lilith Plate.png


From Creatures of the Night Chapter 1
Honda Interceptor (2015) in pearl white




  • Urban Predator Student - Phase 3
  • Lilith: Mesopotamian - A Babylonian goddess. She is envisaged as a winged demonwoman attacking sleeping men. Also called Lilith. Hebrew - A hairy monster who married the Devil. In some accounts, Lilith was expelled from paradise and slept with the Devil, producing the jinn. Other versions say that she flew off in the form of a vampire or took the form of a black cat, preying on new-born babies. In this context, her name is used to refer to the star Algol, previously known as Rosh ha Satan (Satan's Head). In some accounts, she is identified with Empusa or Lamia, while others refer to her as the queen of Zamargad, the plentiful home of lovers. In some references, identified as Lilith.