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USNS Valiant T-AKR-540
USNS Valiant T-AKR-540
Type CO-RO (Combined Container and Roll-On/Roll-Off)
Length Overall 738' 1" (224.96-metres)
Beam 106' (32.30-metres)
Draft 31' 2" (9.50-metres)
Displacement 25,960 DWT
Propulsion 3x 21MW-rated Rolls-Royce WR-21 marine gas turbines, each driving a two-pole cylindrical rotor generator at up to 3,600rpm. 2x Wärtsilä 12V200 diesel generator sets rated at 2MW each. Power generated at 4,160V AC to main switchboard, which feeds a GE VDM 25000 regulator on each rotor generator set. Power feeds into a pair of 20MW Advanced Induction Motors, one on each shaft. A five-bladed Ni-AL-Bronze controllable-pitch propeller on each shaft. Total propulsion power: 27,000 shp on each shaft.



From The Last Vigilante Chapter 2
1x Mk45 Mod 4 127-mm Deck Gun (mounted forward)
2x 8-cell Self-Defence Length Mk41 Launchers (mounted starboard side aft) for 32x RIM-162 ESSM (quad packed)
4x 8-cell Tactical Length Mk41 Launchers (mounted port side aft) for 4x RUM-139 , 28x RIM-66M
4x 8-cell Strike Length Mk41 Launchers (mounted forward) for 16x BGM-109E, 10x RIM-174, 6x RIM-161
3x Phalanx CIWS (mounted port and starboard amidships and aft)
5x Mk38 MOD 2 Autocannon (mounted on maindeck amidships and aft)
8x Rafael Mini-Typhoon RW 12.7mm Machinegun System



  • Single gas turbine able to run ship under normal operations. Second gas turbine brought online for high-demand operations - i.e. combat. Third gas turbine for redundancy. Diesel generators for backup and use when alongside.


'With Stout Hearts We Strike'