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This template will superimpose United States military award devices onto military award ribbons. It currently does oak leaf clusters, award stars, service stars (up to a numeric value of 24 total awards) as well as the Arrowhead device, Valor device, Combat V, Fleet Marine Force Combat Operations Insignia, and Operational Distinguishing Device. Variables are as follows:

Variable Accepted values Default value
number 0–23 0
type oak, award-star, service-star oak
other_device arrowhead, v, nv, fmf, odd
name Name of ribbon image, without the "Image:" prefix or ".svg" suffix
ribbon Any image, without the "Image:" prefix. Do not specify if Template:Para is also specified.
alt Alt text for ribbon image. The default alt text is derived from Template:Para using the lookup table in {{ribbon devices/alt}}.
width 106, 80, 60 106
Silver oak leaf cluster
Bronze oak leaf cluster
Bronze oak leaf cluster
Bronze oak leaf cluster
Width-44 scarlet ribbon with width-4 ultramarine blue stripe at center, surrounded by width-1 white stripes. Width-1 white stripes are at the edges.
{{ribbon devices|number=8|type=oak|other_device=v|name=Bronze Star ribbon|width=106}}
Silver star
Gold star
Width-44 crimson ribbon with two width-8 white stripes at distance 4 from the edges.
{{ribbon devices|number=6|type=award-star|name=Meritorious Service ribbon|width=106}}
Silver star
Bronze star
Bronze star
Width-44 yellow ribbon with central width-4 Old Glory blue-white-scarlet stripe. At distance 6 from the edges are width-6 white-scarlet-white stripes.
{{ribbon devices|number=7|type=service-star|other_device=arrowhead|name=Asiatic-Pacific Campaign ribbon|width=106}}
Bronze eagle atop globe covering anchor
{{ribbon devices|number=0|other_device=fmf|name=Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary ribbon|width=106}}


This template makes use of three subtemplates, which are not intended to be used as standalone templates. They are: {{ribbon devices/device layout}}, {{ribbon devices/device}}, and {{ribbon devices/alt}}. To add a new other_device, modify {{ribbon devices/device}}. To add alt text for a new ribbon, modify {{ribbon devices/alt}}.