Lara Cockburn

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The Lady Lara Cockburn
The Lady Lara Cockburn
Known Aliases
First Appearance
Forsaken: Chapter 365
Personal Details
Forenames Lara Amelia
Gender Female
Nationality British
Residence Newcastle, England
Birth Forsaken: 14th February 1999
Age Now 23 years, 9 months,
Father Lord Richard Cockburn (Deceased 2016)
Mother Lady Amelia Cockburn (Deceased 2008)
Guardian Arnold Hillary Rimmer
Physical Appearance
Complexion Caucasian
Build Average height, slim
Hair Long, light brown
Eyes Brown
Further Information
Likeness Emma Watson
Home Cockburn Hall



From Vengeance Chapter 67
Norton Domintator in mid-grey
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From Vengeance Chapter
Triumph Tiger Explorer 1200 XCA (2017) in Black
KORA Tag.png


  • Mother died when she was nine.
  • Generally flippant concerning her aristocratic upbringing.
  • Has had various ideas for what she wants to be - such as, an archaeologist like her father and a doctor.
  • Favourite movies: Indiana Jones franchise.
  • Attended private schools in the United Kingdom. Her intelligence often got her into trouble for daydreaming and supposedly not paying attention.
  • Enjoys books.
  • Speaks English, French, German, Chinese, and Russian.
  • She is a tomboy, primarily due to her limited exposure to any female company.
  • Cockburn Holdings Ltd
  • Favourite drink: Lucozade
  • Motorcycle: Ducati Monster
  • Lost virginity at fourteen.
  • Eight weeks captivity.
  • Butler: Arnold Hillary Rimmer - prefers Hillary or H.