Cassandra Perrin

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Cassandra 'Cassie' Perrin
Cassandra 'Cassie' Perrin
Known Aliases
The Fusion Ultimatum
First Appearance
Forsaken: Chapter 231
Personal Details
Forenames Cassandra
Preferred Name Cassie
Gender Female
Nationality British

Birth Forsaken: 11th November 1996
Age Now 23 years, 4 months, 5 days
Father Commander Richard Perrin, Royal Navy
Mother Alexandra Perrin
Siblings Sub-Lieutenant Sarah Perrin, Royal Navy
Partner Andrew Bedford
Physical Appearance
Complexion Caucasian
Build Below average height, slim
Hair Shoulder-length, dark brown
Eyes Dark brown
Further Information
Likeness Kaitlyn Dever
Affiliation Vengeance
Home Blairhoyle House, Port of Menteith, Stirlingshire, FK8 3LF
Vengeance: Chapter 66
Senior Operator
Vengeance: Chapter 17
Vengeance: Chapter 1
Junior Operator
The Fusion Ultimatum: Chapter 1
Trainee Operator
Colour Scheme



From Forsaken Chapter 252
FN Five-seveN Mk2 5.7-mm calibre pistol
42-inch Katana
18-inch Tanto



From Vengeance Chapter 1
KTM 1290 Super Duke GT in Dark Grey
N3SIS Tag.png


From Vengeance Chapter 1
Audi RS3 in Sepang Blue
SF15TRN Tag.png
From Vengeance Chapter 49
VW Tiguan R-Line
in White
SF15TRN Tag.png

Combat Suit

  • The combat suit was full body and no skin was visible although Cassie's ample feminine curves were obvious through the armour. Her overall suit was a very dark grey, however, the armour from the top of her thighs down to her knees was a dull yellow, as was the armour that covered her shoulders and upper arms. The upper chest and back armour were dark grey. The armour that covered her head and neck was also dark grey while the mask that covered all but her jaw was a dull yellow. Her gauntlets were dark grey with dull yellow armour that extended up her lower arms to the elbow. Her boots were lightweight, but had armoured soles and came up to her knees, they were dark grey. On her right thigh was a holster for an FN Five-seveN Mk2 pistol. On the outer side of her left boot was an 18-inch Tanto with a yellow cotton Tsuka-ito, with grey ray-skin in a dark grey Saya. On her back, angled over to the right shoulder was a 42-inch Katana with the same yellow cotton Tsuka-ito, with grey ray-skin in a dark grey Saya. Around her waist was a utility belt in dark blue that carried communications and ammunition.

Medal Ribbons

Queens Gallantry Medal